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Taste of Bliss

We just love ice cream!

In early 2017 we were in the process of planning our own wedding. I remember reluctantly visiting one of our local bridal shows with my mom. I loved everything about planning our wedding but that didn't mean I was excited about pushing my way through the crowds of eager ( and very prepared ) brides to be. About thirty minutes in, I became very excited as I had finally found something that I knew I had to have. It was the ice cream cart from Bliss Artisan. We immediately inquired about the cart... after taking some samples of course. I loved the idea of having ice cream at our wedding. It would be unique and so fun for our guests. We were having a November wedding but hey, ice cream tastes good all year around, especially THIS ice cream. I HAD TO HAVE IT! Unfortunately at the time, my date was already booked. We left our information with the owners, the Woodburns, just in case something fell through, and we went on our way. I had already sent a picture of the vintage cart to my dad who is in construction, wondering (HOPING/WISHING) if it was possible for him to create something similar.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I got the best news that the cart was now available for my wedding date. This was great because I had already showed my friends pictures of the cart and got them really excited about the idea of having ice cream at the wedding. Of course, they thought it was the coolest idea too. Needless to say, we booked the cart right away! Our wedding day came and went and having the ice cream cart there is still one of my favorite things about our big day. The look of the cart was ideal for our setting and fit right in with our decor. Our guests loved having the ice cream there and it was so fun to watch everyone try to pick which flavor they wanted to try. We got to pick the flavors ourselves and originally, I was anxious about trying to choose flavors that everyone would love. Let me tell you, that was not an issue. I was honestly hoping we would have more left over than what we did ! Anyway, we were so happy everything worked out and we had a perfect day.

Now here we are...

If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting one of the Bliss Artisan locations you can understand how and why they keep so busy. The look and feel of each shop is so unique and inviting and how they keep up with everything they have going on is beyond me. I remember having a conversation about the cart when I was picking out my ice cream flavors for my own wedding and I learned that Angie Woodburn had actually come up with this idea of the cart and that she and her husband were able to turn it into a reality. I talked about how amazing the cart was and how I would LOVE to be able to do something like that. A few short months later it came time for the Woodburns to part with their adorable cart, and I was more than honored/happy to take it over. Nothing makes me more excited than being able to provide others with the experience they were able to provide us on our wedding day and we look forward to the opportunities we will have to meet and work with so many new people!